2007_02_arts_onokarsan.jpgIn the ongoing story of Yoko Ono and her driver, Koral Karsan has pleaded guilty to third-degree attempted grand larceny after originally claiming he did not try to blackmail Ono. More specifically, he admitted to the letter he wrote to her threatening to release embarrassing recordings and photos if she did not pay him "more than $3,000." The amount is the minimum he could confess to while pleading guilty to that charge.

The original charge was for first degree larceny, however Ono (even with the lesser charge) said she feels "vindicated because this man has admitted his guilt."

Karsan is at Rikers Island until immigration officials pick him up. He is in the country illegally and has been given the option to leave voluntarily, rather then be deported. Leaving voluntarily would of course help if he ever reapplied to return.