Reader Nick sent us this insane image from his morning commute. As it's not totally safe for work (we're being cautious), click here to view the whole image. And here's Nick's note:

So I was on the L train this morning on my way to work, and these guys board somewhere in Williamsburg with a huge wooden painting, with holes for people to put their faces like at a carnival. What do you think?

We think that's some crazy carnival! Our bet is that it's going to a hospital or experimental theater - it's too late for Mother's Day.

And you're welcome to Photoshop it and send us your results!

Update: Thank you, commenter lennyx, who reminded us that Elijah Wood has been in this painting before - at the Art Parade last year. Maybe the painting needed to be touched up and was going out for a new spin today. Who knows, except that it's clearly not precious enough to warrant a protective container for transport. Then again, that would be less fun.