A reader posted this on Gothamist Contribute:

A homeless man died in Union Square today. Not huge news, but his dead body was on a park bench near the cops who congregate at the south-eastern portion of the park. Several people went up to the group of police to mention the man was passed-out or dead. Around 9am, a group of (austrian/german) tourists were adamant with the police the man needed some assistance.

The only reply came from a chris noth lookalike cop who said 'Why don't you go push the man. I ain't touching 'em. He could be napping, you wanna take that risk? Go home.' Around 11:15am paramedics (unknown ambulance unit) arrived and took the man's vitals. About 20 minutes later they put the man on a stretcher with a blanket covering him. He was dead by the time the paramedics arrived. Excellent Police work."