2005_12_3_villagerpolice.jpgSo, in all of that post-turkey, tryptophan-induced lethargy last weekend, we completely forgot to talk about last week's Critcal Mass, aka Cranksgiving. Apparently we weren't the only ones to forget about it as the turn out of bikers (erm, cyclists) wasn't enormous. But that's the holidays for you.

When last we checked in with the Mass, way back in October, word was beginning to spread that despite the NYPD's bike crackdown arrests had been minimal. What we didn't fully grasp until we read the Villager, however, was that there were, for the first time in 14 months, no Critical Mass arrests in October.

Last week's Mass wasn't quite so lucky. There were three cyclists arrested, but NYCLU's Norman Siegel saw some reasons for hope as a court decision on the legality of the Mass is expected to come early next year. "If the judge rules that it's legal and they don't need a permit, this should end the harassment and the targeting of Critical Mass," Siegel said.

Photograph by Jefferson Siegel for the Villager