The man accused of the stabbing murder of a Bronx woman he was AIM chat buddies with admitted to having an altercation with victim Nizmay Aponte and her friend, but stopped short of offering a full confession. After taking a swing at the friend, suspected killer Raymond Dennis told police, "I got into a fight with Nimzay. I smacked her on her ass and told her to stop lying to me. I said, 'That's what you get for playing with my emotions.'" Dennis was known online as "Mike" and was tracked down after Aponte whispered on her deathbed, "MIke did it." The News reports that he has a violent history with women, once having an order of protection taken out against by an ex-wife he had threatened he would "take off this earth" and pleaded guilty last year to hitting a woman in the face so hard she spat blood. Dennis told police that he drank two beers and smoked a blunt before going to the Mott Haven park where the murder took place and did not remember having a knife on him when he returned home.