As the ninth and final suspect in the brutal anti-gay attacks in the Bronx was arrested, one of the victims spoke to WABC 7 about the assault. The 17-year-old victim, who remained with his back to the camera, told reporter Carolina Leid that he was a member of the Latin King Goonies and his fellow gang members targeted him after they found out he had a sexual encounter with a 30-year-old man, "They said you a f----t or something? What's wrong with you? You crazy or something?"

The victim was beaten and sodomized (the gang claimed he broke a rule), "They put me in the middle of the chair. They asked me 'are you gay?' I was like 'nah.' They was like 'you did this?' I said 'yea.' 'You did this with the gay guy?' I was like 'yea.' That's when they started hitting me. Like beating me up. I was there for like an hour." (Another 17-year-old and the 30-year-old were also beaten and sodomized.) He also said he regretted getting in the gang and, when asked what he would do now, he replied, "Stay in school. Stay in school. Do my stuff. Stay off the street." Here's video:

Eight of the suspects had been in custody, while Ruddy Vargas-Perez, 22, remained at large until yesterday. Vargas-Perez had claimed he would turn himself in twice, but police ended up apprehending him in the Bronx after receiving a tip. His lawyer said, "He was just as outraged as everyone else to hear about these allegations. He’s a young man with a family who works, and he’s never been in any trouble before."