One-third of all Citi Bikes are reportedly languishing in a Brooklyn warehouse waiting for some much-needed repairs that may or may not ever come. Considering the fact that all the other Citi Bikes have been mutilated, kidnapped, repainted, or incorporated into a Keystone Cops routine, this might explain why your local docking station has been a bit thin recently.

The Post reports that lead mechanic Timur Mukhodinov told the National Labor Relations Board that approximately 1,900 of the 6,000 bikes are waiting to be fixed. "[W]e don’t know if [the bicycles in the warehouse needing repair] will ever meet zero, because that’s something that’s fueled by the users every single day," Mukhodinov said in the documents.

Someone might be using sci-fi math to crunch those numbers, according to Citi Bike spokeswoman Dani Simons; she disputed the figure slightly, saying there are just under 1,200 bikes in the repair shop (and adding that an average of 200 are repaired a day). Earlier this year, Alta Bicycle Share suffered some "seasonal downsizing" of repair workers whose job it is to maintain the bikes and docks. As a result, Citi Bike's rates of repair and maintenance reportedly dropped precipitously.

As for what's wrong with the bikes, you might want to pay attention to where you place your butt next time you hop on one: BikeshareNYC inspected bikes at 24 stations around the Financial District this month and found that 68 percent of them had cracked seats.