For the second time since construction started, there was a serious accident at the One Ten Third, the Toll Brothers project at...110 3rd Avenue and East 13th Street. This time, it wasn't a crane that came crashing down, but glass falling to the street below. It's unclear at this time whether it was just one piece of glass, but 3rd Avenue was shut down. It appears that there are no injuries and we're told that 3rd Ave. is open again.

After the 8,000 pound crane fell in September, construction was temporarily suspended and the cab driver who escaped death sued. Prior to the crane accident, the construction site only had eight minor violations.

One thing's for sure: If we ever walk down 3rd Ave between 13th and 14th, Gothamist will be on the east side of the street, hopefully far enough from the slippery hands of the Toll Brothers and their contractor Tishman. No words on falling objects at the Brooklyn Toll Brothers project.

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