2007_09_coldcocaine.jpgAre the munchies a side effect of cocaine abuse? The NYPD busted a multi-million dollar drug ring where buyers could buy their cocaine and deli meats. The police found 4.5 kilograms of cocaine ($175,000 worth) and arrested 25 suspects.

The Sun reports that the $4 million ring was operated out of establishments such as the Fiesta Meat Market in Washington Heights, billiards hall D.D. Café Billiard Sport, clothing store Yaharra (the headquarters), and bodega Broadway's Finest Grocery. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly explained, "They could order cocaine with their cold cuts right at the counter" of Fiesta Market during the day and then buy them at D.D. Cafe at night. At Broadway's Finest Grocery, the drug dealers would buy "packaging materials and a substance used to adulterate the cocaine."

In other drug bust news, the feds broke up a drug smuggling ring at JFK airport. Aircraft maintenance workers would secretly divert bags containing cocaine from foreign flights, for a $5,000 payday per bag.