Yesterday was the rainiest day yet this rainy month. 2.3 inches fell, breaking the 1871 record of 2.29 inches for June 18th. The downpour puts Central Park within striking distance of a June record. Awesome!

Warm air aloft will pretty much kill any chance of adding to the total today and may even let the sun shine a bit this afternoon. Look for a steamy day with a high in the upper 70s.

More rain is almost certain tomorrow as a strong shortwave, which is like a kink in the jet stream, passes overhead. The forecast models the Weather Service uses are coming up with different solutions to tomorrow's weather. One says cool, high around 70, and rainy. The other says warm, mid 70s, and lots of rain, especially Saturday evening. Either way, the U.S. Open faces another delay.

Rain is going to wrap around the system as it moves offshore so look for more showers on Father's Day. As it heads over the Atlantic, the troublesome shortwave looks like it will be transformed into a cut-off low. Cut-off lows like to spin around in place, so we're looking at a few more days of unsettled weather. They also tend to gum up the circulation, which may, we're not promising anything, be just the thing to jolt the atmosphere out of this rainy pattern.