2005_09_litter.jpgThe NY Post reported a Manhattan man was allegedly beaten up by Fire Island police officers after he was taken in for littering. Sam Gilberd wasn't beaten up for littering, but rather for closing the station house door "in an offensive manner." He was punched and kicked until he was an unconscious, and his bladder ruptured. Gilberd is suing (of course), but his lawyer didn't have anything to say about the littering summons. So, when you leave the city, don't litter, don't madly flail your arms for a cab, and don't ask for the express because who knows what will happen.

It's a mark of how different crime is here versus Fire Island, if people are hauled in for littering. Someone told us she got a $50 fine from a police officer for dropping her used Metrocard on the floor as she was rushing to work; while the police officer was nice, he said he had to issue the fine because people slip on the cards. But, as an old city report noted, people are more likely to litter on a dirty street.

The Department of Sanitation has a litter basket request form, as well as a form for you to narc on anyone improperly placing refuse (like their usual garbage) in a litter can.