Yesterday, there were two separate hate crimes in Brooklyn and Manhattan. A black man was beaten and robbed by a group of white men in the Mill Basin section of Brooklyn, while a man was attacked by men yelling anti-gay slurs as he and another man were on their way to a Chelsea Bar. Alex Moore was beaten by the a group, which had a baseball bat and an iron pipe. The Brooklyn incident was only broken up when a car stopped to help Moore. Moore told the police and Brooklyn district attorney that he "was called the n-word," as D.A. Charles Hynes said, making the beating a bias crime. Unlike Howard Beach where there was a recent racial attack, Mill Basin is racially mixed, and the NY Times said the "generally peaceful, integrated" community was shocked.

In the Chelsea incident, the two men were headed to the Roxy, but were attacked at Ninth Avenue and 18th Street. The attackers ran away after each hitting him. The victim, who is black, nor his friend (who is white), knew the attackers.