accuwx_warming_0615.jpgOne of these days the closed low that's been sitting off the coast is going to go away. We thought it would have gone away yesterday, but that didn't pan out, so how about this late this afternoon or early this evening? That's when both the Weather Channel and AccuWeather show the wind shifting from the northeast to the east-southeast. Today's high temperatures, which are already higher than yesterday, will generally top out around 70 degrees. However, 80 degrees is not out of the question if the sun can stay out for an extended period of time. That warm up is most likely to occur just north and east of the city, where Bergen and Rockland counties are slightly more sheltered from the moisture-bearing east winds.

With abundant humidity and a change of weather systems upon us there's a slight chance of showers this afternoon, and slightly greater chance of shower or stray thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. The rain shouldn't be a big concern if you're going to any of the subway series games this weekend. Tomorrow's high should be around 80.

On Father's Day we complete the transition from cloudy and cool weather to mostly sunny, hot and humid weather. It looks like high temperatures will range from at least the mid-80s to around 90 degrees from Sunday through Thursday of next week. Not so coincidentally, Thursday is the summer solstice.

Graphic of the transition to warmer weather from