The tale of the missing masterpiece continues. At first alleged co-owners Kristyn Trudgeon and Tom Doyle were blaming drunken art courier James Haggerty on losing the Jean Baptiste Camille Corot painting, said to be worth around $1 million. Then Trudgeon had to drop her lawsuit against Haggerty when her lawyer found out Doyle is actually a convicted art thief! And then the FBI started investigating Doyle due to his sordid history with the painting, which, it turns out, was never even partially owned by him.

Now the NY Post reports on Haggerty, the courier hired by Doyle who originally was said to have lost the still-missing painting after a few too many drinks. Turns out he's missing, and was being sued for $8 million by the TerraComm Group. The suit claimed that he and a business partner never paid the firm for their consulting services.

The Post adds that his and the partner's "offices have apparently since moved twice and the company has changed names at least three times." And, yes, the phone numbers were disconnected. Haggerty had been living in an apartment at Trump Place on Riverside Boulevard, but moved out on August 1st, after the painting went "missing."