The one-legged woman found dead on the Kings Highway N tracks in March had been left on the tracks after a subway operator failed to find her body—and hit by 10 other trains before she was discovered. Arabell Lin, 25, had been walking between cars when she fell, hitting a device that triggers the emergency brake. The operator searched the tracks for whatever hit the trigger, but found nothing and continued toward Coney Island. One operator told the Post, "If she was still alive, [he or she] messed up her chances."

The operator has been demoted to a tower operator, and the crews of all 11 trains were tested for drugs and alcohol. The tests all came back negative, but nobody can tell how Lin's body went unnoticed for so long. She was discovered around 3 p.m. on March 28th in such mangled shape that cops had to check missing persons reports, but nobody knew when she first fell. It's also still unclear whether it was an accident or suicide. Lin was found wearing only black panties, with her prosthetic leg about 100 feet away.