It is the never-ending story of a gym spinning class clash! A judge says that Equinox is not responsible for one of its members' "spin rage" that resulted in him attacking a fellow spin class student. Of course you remember how, back in 2007, stockbroker Christopher Carter got sick and tired of hedge fund manager Stuart Sugarman's grunting, whooping and hollering "You go, girl!", Carter got off his bike and slammed Sugarman into the wall. Carter was acquitted of criminal assault charges, though the Manhattan DA's office tried to point out even if you ind someone annoying, you don't beat them up. Sugarman's suit with Equinox, faulted the gym since neither "of the two instructors tell plaintiff to lower his voice or curb his enthusiasm" and the instructors did notice Carter was annoyed by Sugarman's, um, enthusiasm but did nothing. Word to the spinning class wise: Don't be annoying, don't attack others.