The cool and cloudy morning is not a signal for what's ahead this week. A decrepit old front that parallels the entire length of the east coast is responsible for the morning clouds. The sky should gradually clear today as that front moves eastward. Cold air trails behind the front so expect a high of only 60.

Mostly sunny skies tomorrow will warm the region to near 70. The axis of high pressure moves to the east by Wednesday, which means a warm second half of the week. Look for a high in the mid 70s on Wednesday and close to 80 on Thursday and Friday. Early indications are that Memorial Day weekend will be rainy.

May 9th slipped by unnoticed a couple of weeks ago. As far as we can tell, the latest snowfall ever recorded in Central Park happened on that date in 1977. Assuming the snowfall season is safely over, let's look at how this past season stacks up. 27.6 inches of snow fell between December and March. While that's more than the previous two winters combined, it pales in comparison to the 40-inch fourpeat from 2002/3 to 2006/7 and is half an inch less than the long-term average.