The perfect weather continues! A giant Canadian high pressure system is pretty much right squatting right on top of us today and that calls for another day with lots of sun and a high in the low 80s. The normal high for June 22nd is 81 degrees.

The early summer idyll won't last forever. In fact, it won't even last through tomorrow. A low pressure system crossing the Great Lakes will drag a warm front northward on Tuesday, bringing with it increased cloud cover and humidity as the day progresses. Look for tomorrow's high to again reach the low 80s.

The bigger change, and the real weather action, is expected to happen on Wednesday and Thursday. First the warm front will move through town, jacking up the humidity to unpleasant levels and bringing with it the chance of showers and thunderstorms. The rain is most likely on Wednesday afternoon and for now the Weather Service is keeping the highest chances of rain north of the city but AccuWeather has the storms hitting closer to home. The showers could linger into Thursday but drier weather is expected to return by Friday.