Early this morning, some sort of dispute led to gun violence on East 93rd Street in Brooklyn—and the gunfire continued at Brookdale University Hospital. According to the Daily News, a "17-year-old boy died at the scene" at E. 93rd Street near Avenue B, while a 22-year-old was shot in the leg managed to go Downstate hospital. However, a 32-year-old who was injured was driven to Brookdale, where "another vehicle rolled up and someone inside started firing. Police sources said he was hit at least once at the hospital. Emergency workers put him into an ambulance and carted him off to Kings County Hospital where he's listed in critical condition. Police said he was shot in the leg and groin." A police source told the News, "What a gun battle. They have been watching too much TV," while a resident near the scene heard the gunshots, "I rolled out of bed onto the ground to protect myself. Bullets penetrate windows, you know. We hear gunshots a lot in the summertime."