A recent survey of drivers by GMAC Insurance revealed that two out of three New York drivers don't know what they're doing, which we're natively inclined to object to and than maybe concede "yeah well, maybe." Two out of three drivers taking the written exam managed to pass, but 36% flunked. New Yorkers were the worst of the bunch in a national survey, but other Northeastern states filled out the top five.

You can take your own version of the test here, but given the size and dangerous nature of motor vehicles, that seems like a shockingly high proportion in a city where pedestrians and motorists mix as a matter of course.

The fact that such a high proportion of NY drivers failed the course proves that:
a) NY drivers hate pedestrians
b) NY drivers are not the best test takers
c) Both of the above

That 1/3 of the test takers couldn't answer the questions linked to above is a little scary, or proves that NY test takers have a grim sense of humor or don't rate pedestrian safety as too high a priority.