In a recent survey of the 225 buildings on 2nd Avenue between 125th Street and 63rd Street, a whopping 51 were found to be too fragile to withstand the 2nd Avenue Subway construction. MTA Capital Construction chief Michael Horodniceanu said most of the weak buildings were in the northern part of the subway route, and rather than force landlords to bring the buildings up to code, the MTA has just said, "fuck it" and is making the repairs themselves. We would gripe about fare hikes going to reckless MTA spending, but frankly, we're OK with anything that gets the 2nd Avenue Subway up and running (relatively) sooner rather than later.

Though cost estimates haven't even been developed yet, repairs have been completed on 12 buildings and work is underway on five more. Horodniceanu said about a dozen residential tenants will move back into their buildings by November 6th, though if their temporary homes looked anything like this we're not sure they'd want to go back. Unfortunately, Horodniceanu also said tunnel boring is going slower than expected at just 40 feet per day, instead of the 55 feet per day the MTA initially estimated. So you might want to push back that party you were planning for December 2016.