Minutes before 9 a.m. yesterday, a "black Hispanic" man wearing a Yankees cap, a blue plaid shirt, large black sunglasses and a single glove, robbed a Chase Bank in Flushing, Queens at gunpoint. The FBI believes it is the third bank the "One Glove Bandit" has robbed, in addition to the Signature Bank at 84 Broadway in Brooklyn, which he allegedly robbed on May 6 and July 1. There's no word on the whether Bubbles was an accomplice, or if the hearts he has stolen with the single "You Are Not Alone" will ever be returned.

The One Gloved Bandit fled on foot yesterday, and the FBI says there's a "significant reward" for tips leading to his capture. Frankly, we think one glove is kind of weak: where's the romance? Where's his inner cinephile? Besides, robbing banks with one glove is so 2010.