Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum issued a report saying that on average, one out of every four Metrocard swipes fails. Besides causing failed swipe groin and/or torso injuries (depending what kind of turnstile you swipe), it seems that more than half of the Metrocard swipes in poor neighborhoods fail. Gotbaum's office created the study using information from the MTA, which makes Gothamist wonder if the stats for failed swiping are actually much higher. We'd like to know how often the swipe readers are cleaned/serviced, because there are some stations, like entrance to the B/D/F/Q at southwest corner of Houston and Lafayette, where the lone turnstile is so dirty and busted that it takes about 15 swipes for an evening commuter to enter the station.

Do you have any tips for better swiping? The art of the swipe is somewhat integrated into our lives, according to the Times. Gothamist on bending your Metrocard and Ask Gothamist on how many swipes is too many.