One man was killed and another wounded in a shootout in Washington Heights early Saturday morning. According to DNAInfo, a 30-year-old man was fatally shot numerous times in the head in a car in front of 555 Edgecombe Ave., near 160th Street, shortly after 1:30 a.m. Another 31-year-old man was shot multiple times to the chest, and is in critical condition at Harlem Hospital. "I’ve lived here 17 years and nothing like this has ever happened. This is insane," a witness told them.

The 17-year-old witness, whose name is being held, said she heard a round of shots that made her duck for cover in her third floor apartment. “I looked out and there was a guy lying on the floor," she said. "My dad was running in my room saying, 'Get down! Get down!'" When she peeked at the scene below, she saw the man who was lying in the street get up and walk away, along with another man who got out of a car. Then she heard three more shots. The News adds that a .22-caliber revolver was found next to the man shot in the head in the car.

The circumstances behind the shooting are still being investigated, and no arrests have been made. Another local wasn't surprised by the violence erupting: "Lots of suspicious characters are always hanging around here late at night," he said. "Even though there's a police precinct nearby [on Amsterdam Avenue and 169th Street], there isn't enough of a police presence here. My car's been broken into numerous times [and] there's always something happening in the park right here."