One person was killed and another seriously injured in a car chase that ended in a crash in Queens on Thursday afternoon, the FDNY confirmed. According to social media reports, the NYPD was involved in the chase, and the driver of the pursued vehicle and a pedestrian were seriously injured.

Four other people have been transported to North Shore Hospital with minor injuries, according to the FDNY.

The NYPD could confirm only that the crash took place at 12:49 p.m. outside 225 Linden Boulevard, near the corner of 225th Street in Cambria Heights, and that officers are on the scene.

Witnesses say that an elderly woman was struck in the crash.

"Shit crazy man," said Instagram user Bern Franlkin in a short video from the scene. "Lady just lost her life right here on Linden and 225th. Police was chasing down somebody."

"Now they trying to hide the lady body with that NYPD barricade," Franlkin added in a second video, which shows the barricade. "NYPD a fuckin' bitch, man. You're supposed to know when to chase somebody when to ease up, man."

😞 Someone's grandmother,mother,sister,aunt got killed instantly because #nypd #105thpct lack of common sense.

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In a Facebook post and accompanying video, witness Ty. B Kapone writes that police officers were chasing a driver, who in turn struck an elderly woman at the intersection of Linden and 225th. According to Kapone's account, officers on the scene did not immediately go to the pedestrian's aide. Here's the post in full:

Bad Footage But These NYPD Officers Are Crazy .. They Were Chasing A Man In His Car , As He Came Accross The Intersection An Old Lady Crashed Into Him .. They Were So Worried About Getting Him Out Of The Car & Or Killing Him , Not One Cop Tended To The Lady To Try & Resuscitate Her . The Old Lady Is On The Ground Behind All Of This Bleeding To Death . After The Man Is Arrested & Put In The Squad Car They Rush Over & Act Like They Where Trying To Help Her But It Was Too Late ... 😡 ‪#‎FUCKNYPD‬ For Real ‼️ 💯

In the video Kapone can be heard saying, "They [cops] was ready to shoot him before he... before they even got him out the whip. How you gonna shoot him he isn't even out the car yet?" His footage shows an unmarked NYPD vehicle on the scene with lights flashing, although it's not clear if the vehicle was involved in the crash.

We will update as more information becomes available.