[UPDATE BELOW] Two men were allegedly attacked last night around 12th Street and 5th Avenue in Park Slope. One witness writes us:

I'm pretty sure someone was killed or almost killed in the intersection of 12th Street and 5th Avenue in Park Slope last night around midnight. My friend and I were walking back to my apartment at 12:30, and we saw a ton of ambulances and the whole intersection cornered off. There was blood all over the sidewalk, and someone said that a man was attacked by someone else with a fucking CROWBAR. He said, "They put him in the ambulance, but I don't think he would've made it." Seems like it was personal.

We contacted the NYPD who told us that two Hispanic men were taken to different hospitals last night. One, 22, was pronounced dead at Methodist hospital while the other is being treated for multiple stab wounds at Lutheran. He is in stable condition.

[UPDATE 2:00 P.M.] Cops confirm that one victim was "bashed in the head with a blunt object," though they have not said if it was a crowbar. The two were reportedly attacked by a group of men, but no arrests have been made yet.

[UPDATE 3:35 P.M.] According to the Daily News, cops are now saying a mob of about 20 bashed one man to death with a tire iron. They seem to have attacked both victims from opposite sides of the street, and left the tire iron and several crowbars at the scene after they fled. The victim who died has been identified as Alex Santiago of Brooklyn.