One Seton Hall University student was fatally shot and four others were injured after a man "physically ejected" from the off-campus Phi Beta Sigma frat party returned and opened gunfire. The violence happened early Saturday morning, which one party goer described as "like a stampede. Girls were being trampled on. It didn't even matter. People [were] jumping out of windows. Everyone was just petrified."

The fatal victim, Jessica Moore, was a 19-year-old honor student from Virginia. She was declared dead at 3:20 p.m. yesterday after being shot in the head. Police are still looking for the shooter, and are offering $10,000 for information to his whereabouts. Essex County Prosecutor Robert Laurino said, "We'll leave no stone unturned until all those involved with this are brought to justice."

The frat house apparently has a reputation for throwing wild parties, which neighbors said were a recipe for danger. There's a lot of drugs—ecstasy, bad stuff," one said. "My friend kept his son from going there because they always have parties." Last night, 500 people gathered for a prayer service at the school, and Seton Hall Interim President Gabriel Esteban said in a statement, "We extend our most heartfelt condolences to Jessica's family and friends. Please know that we share in your grief and that we will be praying for you in the difficult days ahead. As we move forward from this senseless tragedy, we will look for peace and healing through our faith, and through the love and support of friends and family."