A 20-year-old was brutally killed in a car crash during a drag race against his girlfriend's brother in Staten Island early this morning. The victim was driving a Honda Accord around 130 mph while turning the corner at Bay Street and Hannah Street, and jumped the curb and slammed into a gas pump. The crash set off an explosion, and the Staten Island Advance says, "The impact was so powerful that body parts separated from the man's torso."

A 25-year-old woman was either pulled from the crash by firefighters or was able to walk out and find help, and she is being treated for non-life threatening injuries at Richmond University Medical Center. One witness told the Post, "Those guys were drag racing. He lost control on what I call, ‘dead man’s curve.’" Another said, "I'm sure the driver didn't feel what happened to him. People are so stupid."

Police believe the other car involved in the race sped off, and are looking for in surrounding neighborhoods. The crash comes just a few days after a deadly crash in Staten Island left two dead and four others wounded.