As Columbia's awful PR week continues, four out of the five Columbia students charged with running a drug ring out of the school's dorms and frats are now free on bail. Only Harrison David, who reportedly told cops he was dealing because his father "wouldn't pay my tuition," remains in the Manhattan Detention Center. It is unclear if he will be out for Christmas, as David claims his father hung up on him without saying anything when he tried to call his father from jail.

Meanwhile, David's father, Dr. Dave David (seriously) tells the Boston Herald that reports that he isn't paying for his son's education are false. The cosmetic surgeon, apparently a frequent TV analyst in Massachusetts, told the paper that it's "sad to have read a statement in the press reportedly coming from my son that I would not pay his tuition. This obviously is a misquote, as I have been funding his college since Day 1.”" He also told the paper that he was flying down to the city today to “take care of everything and be with my son.” Only took him three days.

The younger David says he didn't call his mother in California because he was too embarrassed. "I don't even know if I could look her in the face," he said.