Bryant Park, emptyAdam (a reader from Gothamist's favorite Texas town, Austin) writes in to tell us how the Unbelievable Show is trying to break the Guiness Book of World Record record of "World's Largest Picnic" by organizing a huge picnic at Bryant Park next Sunday, August 3, from 12PM-2PM. According to the information on the Bryant Park website (so it is official, not a smart mob event with scale), "Attendees must bring to the picnic at least two food items and a drink to qualify as picnic participants," which seems reasonable enough, plus donations of non-perishable (canned) goods will be accepted for City Harvest.

Also, Adam mentions that "Local Hawaiian/Western Swing/Hot Jazz band" Hulabilly will be performing. Okay, so if not to break the record (which is currently a paltry 1059 people), Gothamist thinks it would be interesting to find out what a "local Hawaiian/Western Swing/Hot Jazz band" is to put the imaginings to rest.

Ed. Note: Sorry, the picnic is next Sunday, which is great because there's more time to prepare. Jen apologize for jumping the gun - she really wanted to know more about Hulabilly.