Let's throw out the historical comparisons right off the bat: these are not the 2007 Giants. That team had won three-straight road playoff games before beating the perfect Patriots. These are not even the 1998 Giants, who upset the 13-0 Broncos, despite having only a 5-8 record at the time. That team was in the midst of a four-game winning streak to finish 8-8. This is a team with a myriad of injury problems that has lost the ability to play defense. If you want to put your finger on when the trouble started, consider the Eagles game two weeks ago when the Giants had every chance and every reason to bury Philadelphia, but didn't.

Now they are being asked to defeat the perfect Packers, a team that won the Super Bowl and also buried the Giants 45-17 in a must-win game near the end of last season. Aaron Rodgers is on his way to possibly the best statistical season of any QB. The Packers average over 400 yards per game and they average just under 35 points a game. Only the most optimistic Giants fan in the world would expect New York to emerge from this with a victory.

But, if you want something to believe in, the Green Bay defense can be exploited. They have given up close to 400 yards per game and while that hasn't resulted in a ton of points, it is not an insignificant number. It is reasonable to expect that the Giants offense will be able to move the ball and will be able to score some points in this game.

The problem is, how will they stop Green Bay? If Osi Umenyiora was playing and Justin Tuck was healthy you could imagine them battering Rodgers with their pass rush, but that isn't the case. Only Justin Pierre-Paul appears to be totally healthy and he can't do it by himself. Getting Michael Boley back, a possibility, would be a big help, but it still won't be enough. The prediction here is that just like last week, the offense will do it's part, but the defense will cost the Giants the game.