northeast weatherTomorrow is going to be cold cold cold. Wednesday will be colder colder colder. Don't say that Gothamist didn't warn you! Winter, in the form of a nasty arctic front, is finally arriving. We won't get the ice storm that's been blamed for at least 21 deaths, and is currently lashing upstate, but the weather will turn sharply colder tomorrow.

Today should be mild as the wind shifts to come from the south. The Weather Service says we'll get up to 55 degrees. Gothamist respectfully disagrees. We're with the Weather Channel's high of around 50. It'll be a strange day as temperatures will slowly rise all the way through midnight. Fog, drizzle and rain will add a note of gloom to the day.

The temperature will continue to rise until the arctic front arrives in the wee hours tomorrow morning. Once the front passes, cold air is going to rush in and temperatures are going to drop like a rock. Expect temperatures in the mid-40s when you go to work, around 40 at lunch time, and in the lower 30s when you go home tomorrow. Coincidentally, on average the coldest week of the year begins on January 16th.

Wednesday will be colder still, we'll stay below the freezing mark all day and the streak of not having cooler than normal weather will end at 38 days. It'll be slightly warmer on Thursday but any abnormally warm weather will stay away for at least a week. Time to bundle up and enjoy the much delayed winter.

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