2007_04_corzinehosp1.jpg NJ Governor Corzine showed the Associated Press that he's doing pretty well, sitting up (in red track pants, which is rather Fidel-ish) and reading his many get well cards. These are the first photographs of Corzine since he was in a car accident that left him critically injured and with 15 broken bones. Earlier this week, Corzine was still stuck in bed, but now he's able to leave bed and sit up. The cards look like they are from NJ school children; we hope that if they're making the cards during the school day, then there better be seat belts also drawn on them somewhere!

The AP's Mel Evans, who was the only member of the media to meet with Corzine, reported that the governor seemed upbeat, though his breathing was labored while speaking to his son. Corzine told him, "I'm the most blessed person who ever lived," and he might be right: While riding in the front passenger seat of a state trooper-driven SUV that was going 91 MPH, Corzine was not wearing a seatbelt when the vehicle crashed on the Garden State Parkway.

Not wearing a seat belt while in the front seat is against the law in NJ, and a NJ resident has filed a citizen complaint about the lack of gubernatorial seatbelt-wearing. Larry Angel wants Corzine to be issued a summons and fined, and also told the NY Times, “I’m a fan of the governor — I voted for him for senator, for governor and I’d vote for him again today. But I don’t think it’s healthy for society for people to think that someone in power is treated differently than other people. I think if the governor were in his full faculties, wasn’t in rehabilitation and on medication, he’d ask for them to write him the ticket and just move on.”

Photographs of Corzine reading his get well cards by Mel Evans/AP