radar image from the weather channelAs you can see from the radar we are right on the edge of a lot of rain. The storm to our south which is, semantically speaking, a nor'easter, because it is giving us winds from the northeast. It isn't much of a storm, and isn't going to "bomb", or strengthen, as nor'easters are wont to do, but it may give us a few showers during the day. The clouds and winds off the ocean will supress the afternoon temperatures. We'll be lucky to see 60 degrees. Gothamist checked our spreadsheet and the last time temperatures failed to reach 60 was on April 22nd.

The weak storm is so weak it is going to be easily pushed away by a high pressure system sinking southward from Ontario. Once the high pressure system takes control the skies will clear and it will get chilly tonight. Expect a low in the mid-40s. Tomorrow should be very nice, sunny with a high in the lower-60s. The Weather Channel and the Weather Service disagree on Sunday and Monday temperatures. The former thinks we'll get into the low-70s, while the feds say temperatures will be about 5-7 degrees cooler. Either way both should be pleasant days. Monday more so if you have the day off, which Gothamist, bitterly, does not.

Morning radar image from weather.com.