northeast weatherQuite unexpectedly, the city has been on the edge of some nasty weather for the past day. A couple of days ago Gothamist, and everyone else, thought we would have clear skies until tomorrow. Instead, a low pressure system off the coast has retrograded, moving closer to shore, bringing clouds to the city and rain to eastern Long Island and New England. The clouds did make for a pretty sunset!

The rain may creep as east as Nassau County today and there is a slight chance we'll see some in the city proper, especially in the evening. The clouds move out tonight as a high pressure makes its presence known by finally pushing the storm further out to sea. Tomorrow and Friday should be swell, if your idea of swell is sunny and warm. Forecast highs for tomorrow range from 70 (AccuWeather) to 77 (Weather Channel). The weekend is shaping up to be cloudy and cooler.

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