Lam Chan and Gonzalo Cruz seem to come from very different backgrounds. Chan is a garment worker who speaks only Cantonese, while his neighbor Cruz is a man who... enjoys shooting hoops in his driveway. Okay, we don't know much about Cruz beyond the fact that his Staten Island driveway isn't entirely his, much to his chagrin. He shares it with Chan, and the two driveway-mates haven't exactly been "clicking" lately. This summer their bitter feud over the shared driveway boiled over into violence, which was all captured on Chan's surveillance camera.

In the video (below), you can see Cruz shooting hoops in the driveway thisclose to Chan's family car. According to Chan, Cruz's recreational activity was blocking the driveway, and he finally got so fed up that he grabbed the basketball and kicked it across the street. In the video, this act of defiance is answered with a swift kick to Chan's backside, courtesy of neighbor Cruz. Chan then whirls around and strides toward Cruz, only to be laid out on the driveway with a single punch.

“He’s a hot-tempered bully,” Chan tells the Daily News through a Cantonese interpreter. He says that in the past Cruz “used my car as a soccer goal” and blocked the driveway with his SUV. Cruz, for his part, tells NBC New York that "if you look at the video he attacked me. I kicked him in the [expletive]. He kicked my kid's basketball over the fence."

Chan, whose face was bruised by the June 30th fight, says he filed a police complaint on July 2nd, and on July 7th gave police the video. Weeks later, frustrated with the NYPD's failure to take any action, he went to NBC New York with the video, and after NBC New York made inquires with the NYPD, they finally arrested Cruz on a misdemeanor assault charge. Both men have also been charged with disorderly conduct. The NYPD insists they did try to follow up with Chan, but it's unclear if they had a Chinese-speaking officer assigned to the case.