Photos of Michelle Damon from SI.com

Gracing newsstands and mailboxes around the nation yesterday was one of the highlights of winter - the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. While Marisa Miller was the model that made the cover, SI continued the tradition of featuring the wives of the athletes that are typically covered in its pages. One was Yankees outfielder Johnny Damon's wife Michelle. In the magazine, she's complimented on her body by photographer Marlena Bielinska, including several pats on the behind, "They kept calling me stallion because I was muscular and well-built, and the photographer kept smacking me on the butt because she really liked my butt. Since it was a girl, it was cute. If it was a guy, I would've been like, 'Wait a minute, buddy'."

On SI.com, you can see a 17-photo gallery of Damon, who was joined by Carmella Garcia (Jeff Garcia), Ingrid Vandebosch (Jeff Gordon), and La La Vazquez (Carmello Anthony). We'll give Damon, Garcia, Vandebosch and Vazquez the benefit of the doubt and assume that their bodies were developed without the use of HGH like that of Debbie Clemens.