Was your New Year's resolution to forget about Diddy in 2009? If so, God bless and we're sorry. Diddy is making sure the Bad Boy brand is coming strong into the new year by bombarding the town with attention-grabbing gimmicks for him and the vodka he's the sponsor for. First he announced that they'll be passing out $15 debit cards in Chelsea and Times Square just before midnight that can be redeemed in cab rides home because as Diddy says, "a sophisticated holiday celebration doesn't just end when the ball drops, but when everyone gets home safely." And if that's not enough, Diddy and the vodka brand are offering $1 million to the city to "take over the New Year's ball." Because when you're Diddy, you can just do things like that, right? On the takeover, Diddy said, "I'm going to give every adult in America a taste of what it's like to enjoy a sophisticated celebration with Diddy, and what better time than while ringing in the New Year." Earlier in 2008, Diddy made headlines for stepping in dog poo.