The power of Pokémon Go, the augmented reality game that's either destroying the world or saving it, has even been embraced by the long arm of the law. Or at least by the long arms attached to the law, as proved by one Queens man who Snapchatted a bunch of on-duty NYPD officers catching Pikachu & Friends while on patrol. That video went viral, the cops are in trouble, and the Snapchatter has apologized, but once a Rattata, always a Rattata.

As first reported by NBC, Zoli Honig was in Far Rockaway on Wednesday morning when he spotted some cops on their phones at Beach 9th Street. Like all other humans on Earth, these officers were enjoying a Pokéstop, trying to catch 'em all. Honig began filming them: "That my friends, is the NYPD collecting Pokemon," he narrates in the video, asking the officers, "There's a wild Pikachu, have you seen him?" (The cop already caught him, duh). You can watch the video below:

Honig says the cops—who were patrolling the area to keep kids from hurling rocks—ended up bonding with a bunch of youngsters over the game. "They were playing with the kids," Honig told the NY Post. "It’s like the digital version of a cop jumping into a ball game, what they were doing today. It was really nice to see them out there interacting with the community." And indeed, though the world might be a better place if cops ran around shooting Pokéballs at Pidgleys instead of bullets at unarmed black men, Honig believes these officers got "in major trouble" for being on their phones while on duty. Honig apologized on Facebook:

But one police source told the Post it's unlikely the cops will face disciplinary action, adding, "I think it’s wrong, from a safety standpoint, for them to be fixated on cellphone games. I think it would be a non-story, but the Pokémon thing is hot. But I bet by tomorrow there will be a department memo because this job is very reactionary. This is what we’ve come to."

Still, just as Pokémon has connected celebrities with fans, so has it connected police with The People, and at a pertinent time. New Yorker Joshua Pyram bonded with three officers at a Pokéstop lure on Monday, posting about the experience on Facebook:

I took the opportunity to express my beliefs and justified opinions to them while catching #bulbasaur and #machop. To my great surprise, they not only agreed with my sentiments, but were also hurting amongst themselves within all the violence. My question to them was, "What is the solution then? If you feel this way, why wear the badge?" And their answer shut my a** up. "The only way it will change is from the inside. When we come together in same exact moment we are having now at this #PokeStop. If I decided to throw away my badge, I would only be running away from the issue, rather than face it with the Oath I swore. Then we would have 1 less Officer with the cause."
I appreciated the short time with them, as they not only gave me permission to snap a selfie, but also firmly shook my hand and asked me to stay safe. I am glad to know that there is still a glimmer of light somewhere deep within this darkness. #TeamValor #TrueValor #PokemonGo

It also turns out that Pokémon love to hang out near men in uniform:

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Look, a Pokeball!

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Pokémon Go: softening Police/Policed relations since 2016. Now when will they release the game in the Middle East?