So Final Winter Storm of 2009 Watch is in full effect: After earlier predictions of six to nine inches for the city, now it's six to a full foot! And on Long Island, 12-18 inches may be headed there, while NJ may expect 12-20 inches.

An Accuweather meteorologist told the Daily News, "It may take a good chunk of the day for the storm to get from Philadelphia up to New York City, but it's coming. This will be the first widespread significant snow of the season." And a National Weather Service meteorologist said, "It's going to be an all day thing. It's going to be on and off," but the snowfall should start in the afternoon.

Air travelers headed out today went to the airports today, in hopes of getting on earlier flights— one told WCBS 2, "We were going to try to get out of New York before the snowstorm. We're hopeful. There were three flights that we possibly could go on standby, so that's why we're here early"—while those not going anywhere went to buy salt, shovels and other supplies. And retailers are worried, as the snow may prevent shoppers from coming in for holiday gifts.

When it snows, you can share your photos with us by sending them to or tagging them "gothamist" on Flickr. Fun fact from WCBS 2: "The storm looks like it could very well drop a foot on New York City, but likely will not challenge the 14 inches dropped on Dec. 21-22, 2003. The most snow ever dropped in any one storm on NYC prior to Christmas was 16 inches on Dec. 19-20, 1948."