BREAKING: LeBron James, Ohio native and potential cash cow for NYC, apparently visited a nearly $13 million apartment in the Big Apple this past weekend. Prudential Douglas Elliman vice chairman Dolly Lenz told FOX Business's Liz Claman, "He was spotted the day before yesterday at a Greenwich Village condo. Looking, and trying it out -making sure the ceilings were high enough. It was actually quite interesting. The one he was looking at is $12,950,000-esque."

This would be the second apartment the "King" allegedly perused (the first may have been this one in Columbus Circle, though it's unclear whether it's just wishful thinking). But does this mean he wants to play for the Knicks? Well, according to the Post's Marc Berman, the Knicks are trailing in the LeBron sweepstakes—they are even behind the Nets!

Berman writes, "One person with ties to James told The Post he feels 'The King' will bolt Cleveland -- but that the Nets have a better shot than the Knicks in the six-team LeBron race. James will keep an open mind as he enters Thursday's Akron-area meetings, with the Bulls and Miami emerging as frontrunners. 'If it wasn't for Newark for two years, they [the Nets] would probably be the winner,' the individual said. 'But they probably have surpassed the Knicks. I think the Knicks hurt themselves with the draft.'"

James will meet with the Nets at 10 a.m. on Thursday, while the Knicks are second with a 1 p.m. appointment; the meetings will be in Akron, Ohio.