Okay, it's wonderful to hear stories about nice people, but when it involves a subway conductor who stopped his train so he wouldn't hit a kitten whose head was stuck in a Sun Chips bag, it's just off the charts of AWWWW.

The Daily News spoke to conductor John Ross, who shared photographs of the poor kitten: Apparently he "was pulling his Franklin Shuttle train out of the Brooklyn [Botanic] Garden station about 9:15 a.m. Tuesday when he spotted trouble. A cat with a Sun Chips bag over its head was lying smack in the middle of the tracks."

Ross, who said, "I figured it may be a cruel trick by some kids — or the cat might be trying to get some food," ended up pulling the hand brake to stop the train. Then Ross got down and removed the bag from the cat's head. The cat looked at him—Ross said it was like the kitten was thinking, "Wow, I don't know where I've been"—before running off.

Also, the News had recently profiled Ross for risking his life to save a passenger: In 2009, a passenger was randomly stabbed by an ex-con, and Ross, who was off-duty, helped pull the attacker off his victim and also tackled the suspect when he tried to flee.