2008_08_10.jpgThis is one of the more WTF e-mails we've ever received from a reader: "I was walking back to the Credit Suisse building from lunch through Madison Sq Park, and one walkway out was filled with construction workers on both sides. As women walked by, this group of 15+ men would hold up placards with numbers written on them (1-10)—and that's not the most ridiculous part. I asked a 'ranger' in a pimped out smart cart to intervene, and he replied, 'Well, what did you get? You know you're a 10 in my book.'" Can someone else confirm--or even take a photograph of this judging in action? (We've only witnessed this with crusty old men at Coney Island.) You can send us info/photos at tips(at)gothamist(dot)com.