Opponents of the Parks Department's plans to renovate Washington Square Park have filed a lawsuit to block the work. The NY Post pulled this bit, "The park's designers made plazas purposely asymmetrical according to what is known as Olmstead's naturalistic design theory, espoused by Frederick Law Olmstead." Okay, aside from spelling Olmsted wrong, what Gothamist likes is that they needed to spell out that Olmsted's naturalistic design was espoused by Frederick Law Olmsted! Gothamist still doesn't get why the fountain needs to move over to be aligned with the arch, because it really is charming for it to be random; someone at the Parks Department must have OCD or maybe someone at an apartment building to the east may have wanted to see more of the fountain. But having the park be under construction for two years is a serious bummer; it's bad enough that NYU's hot construction hand is hammering away non-stop. The city, which won approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission in May, is reviewing the lawsuit.

You can read
Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing the American Landscape
to learn more about Olmsted's philosophy.