2006_05_mercedes.jpgRemember that New York magazine article from two weeks ago, about older women robbing the cradle and going after underage boy? Well, there have been two new cases that are certainly doozies: On Tuesday, a 40 year old female teacher at a private Montessori school was charged with statutory rape and sodomy after it was revealed she had been having sex with underage male students who were only 12 and 13 when the affairs started. The boy who was 13 when the "affair" started is now 23 and now is a police officer in the NYPD! The DA's office asked that bail for Lina Sinha be set at $100,00, but, according to the AP, Sinha's lawyer got that down to $50,000, after arguing "his client had appeared for every court date, was born and raised in New York and educated in the city's schools, including Columbia University, and would not flee." Wow, city cred goes a long way.

And we really feel for the mother of the kid who had been "seeing" a 39 year old woman. Lisa Fordella had started to see the 16 year old boy, who was friends with her daughters, and would call up the school to say he was sick so they could meet. The affair was found out when the boy's mother was suspicious of a $35,000 Mercedes he claimed was a gift. The Nassau County Detective said, "Like any good parent, she questions him and was not satisfied with the explanation." Frodella was charged with counts of rape and criminal sexual acts.