St. Patrick's Day is still a month away, but Old Navy decided it's never too early for a witty "Irish" pun on a green t-shirt. Their website already has numerous shamrocked options for Patty's Day wear, but they're reportedly pulling two from stores after customers complained they were offensive toward the Irish. Old Navy customer Keith Wilson complained, “Can’t you find another way to sell t-shirts than intimating they’re all drunks?”

The shirts in question featured the slogans "Irish I Was Drunk" and "Party Like You're Irish." The latter features Snoopy holding a mug of "root beer." A spokeswoman at Old Navy told us, "We certainly take pride in giving our customers fashionable, fun products, but we do recognize that they went a little too far. We apologize to the Irish community and are ommitting them from the stores and online as soon as possible." The Snoopy shirt is still on the website, but clicking on it brings you to this tasteful selection reading "I [shamrock] Budweiser." There's also "Dublin Up" featuring two pints of beer. Well, you gotta wear something to the Reinforcin' O' The Stereotypes.