2007_09_patspit.jpgWere safety concerns about the Deutsche Bank's demolition ignored by aides to Governors Pataki and Spitzer and Mayor Bloomberg? That's what the NY Post is reporting, as the investigation into the August fire that claimed two firefighters lives continues.

Apparently Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center (the government agency overseeing the dismantling) head Charlie Maikish sent a memo to LMDC chairman Avi Schick on May 25, 2007, noting that the LMCC was not prepared to manage the job: "We assumed this role, on an interim basis, in order to be good soldiers; however, we also made it very clear that we could not perform [the demolition and decontamination] safely or efficiently without being provided the necessary resources."

Maikish also wanted the LMDC to resume control over the project - and he included a letter he had sent to former LMDC chair Kevin Rampe in December 2006 noting that the LMCC was understaffed and could not manage the project. (Rampe is a Pataki appointee, Schick is a Spitzer appointee.) However, it's unclear if Rampe ever got the letter. The memo was also sent to Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff.

Maikish's spokesman told the Post, "The request by Governor Pataki's Office to Mr. Maikish came with the assurance to Mr. Maikish that resources would be forthcoming from the next administration. Those resources were never provided." The other government parties have not commented. If anything, it seems to be another piece of evidence that the Deutsche Bank building dismantling has poorly managed with little oversight.