Yesterday, we witnessed a crazy turn of weather, from the upper 50s to the teens and below, given the insane wind chill. The morning rain created a wet surface ripe for icing as the rain turned into snow, and there were accidents all over the city, not to mention backups at bridges and tunnels. And somehow, the subways still ran. Some people were bitter that Monday reached 63 degrees, with one woman telling the NY Times, "I would rather that yesterday didn't happen. It was like a false ray of hope." But that's the weather for you. Gothamist just has a message to the establishments who didn't clear up their sidewalks, which became perfect for wipeouts: You'll be hearing from our lawyers soon!

How did you do getting home last night? Gothamist's walk to the apartment resulted in us walking into gale-force winds, making our face raw and eyes tears. And for more weather, check Accuweather and see what Gothamist Weather has to say later.