Bring it on, thieves: Ozone Park octogenarian Harry Luft is ready. Sure, you may have burglarized his house three times in the past 20 years, but just try it one more time. Luft will be wide awake and waiting, monitoring the perimeter of his small property through nine security cameras as you get all cut up on the barbed wire he's strung around his yard. And should you somehow make it past that, good luck getting inside the compound, which is protected by roll-down gates, window bars, four locks on the front door, and Luft's constant vigilance.

Luft, a retired bookbinder, began fortifying his home about 20 years ago, shortly after his wife died of cancer. He started with the roll-down gates, but he was still robbed of a TV, jewelry and cash. Luft estimates that he's spent about $10,000 on his multi-layered security system, and it's worth every penny, because you can't put a price on peace of mind. "I'm not a nut or anything like that," he tells the Post, which has a great photo of his house. "I just want to protect myself. Life is too short. I lived to be 86 years old, and I don't have many more years to go."

He's experienced no theft since installing the cameras, but he's ready to flee from thieves at a moment's notice—since he doesn't have fire escapes, he installed ladders on the second-story exterior walls, to be used in an escape. Luft doesn't reveal what kind of firearms he keeps in the home (that's for him to know and you to find out) but he says can't rely on cops to keep him safe from "crazy people." The neighborhood's filled with "all kinds of characters," says Luft from his fortified compound. "They see you live alone, and they take advantage of you. You can't always call the Police Department, because after a while they get tired of you and think you're a wacko."