Joni Mitchell can cry all she wants, sometimes a parking lot is a good thing...especially when it's worth $22 million. A lot in SoHo on the corner of Broome and Crosby has received such a lucrative offer, but the sale is being stymied by part-owner 98-year-old Max Isaacs, who uses the rent to support his extended family, the Post reports."I don't care if they get a $100 million offer!" he said, presumably while waving a cane and standing in front of piles of lost wiffleballs.

The "roughly $150,000 a year income" that Isaacs receives from the parking lot is divvied amongst Isaacs, "his only son, and the families of two of his grandchildren." A former real estate broker, Isaacs bought the lot in 1995 and says that his partners in the lot "are only interested in money" because they inherited it and didn't pony up any investment money.

Given that the parcel is designated by the Landmarks Commission as hallowed ground, Isaacs is right to say "Caveat emptor." This is, after all, the same commission that deemed a sidewalk too pretty to pave. But who will think of the other owners? Their lawyer, of course: "I think my clients, in their senior years, want to enjoy the benefits of the property in their lifetimes." You know what we always thought SoHo needed? Another store that only sells Crocs.